Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Foundation

The Foundation is a NGO based in the Netherlands:

Stichting Youth News Foundation
Oude Kraan 72
6811LL Arnhem
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 512 43 354
Email: info@theyouth.org
RSIN: 855308217

Our Mission: To make the voice heard of children all over the world  and promoting the voice of young people with all (social) media.

The board

The board of the foundation consists of two very experienced and dedicated people, who work completely on voluntary basis and therefore do not receive any financial compensation for their work. They do receive our gratitude and the gratitude of the children, which is priceless.

Founder and managing director: Tako Rietveld

Chairman: Fergal van de Wouw

Board members: Fergal van de Wouw, Mieke Spaans en Rob Hulsman

ANBI status

The Youth News Foundation has applied for ANBI status from the tax authorities and it has been granted.

Our ANBI status includes:

– We are at least 90% committed to the common good;
– We are not for profit with our activities and services;
– We meet integrity requirements;
– Natural or legal persons do not have the assets of the organization;
– We do not hold more assets than is reasonably necessary for the work of the organization;
– The remuneration for the board is limited to an expense allowance;
– We have an up-to-date policy plan;
– There is a reasonable ratio between costs and expenditure;
– Money that remains after the institution has been closed will be spent on an ANBI with a similar purpose;
– We comply with administrative obligations and publish certain information on this website.

Stichting Youth News Foundation

KvK nr:


Postal Adress:
Oude Kraan 72
6811LL Arnhem
The Netherlands

Phone number:
Tel: +31651243354

Email Adress:

Our mission: 
To make the voice heard of children all over the world and promoting the voice of young people with all (social) media.

Our policy plan:
Download here

Board members:
Sofie Vriends
Rob Hulsman

There is no salary for board and management. Only expenses are paid if possible and necessary.

Current activities:
Making reports, letting children and teenagers tell their stories, give their opinion and ask their questions. Training and activating international Youth Correspondents.

Financial report:
Financial report 2021