Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Foundation

The Foundation is a NGO based in the Netherlands:

Stichting Youth News Foundation
Jan Hilgersweg 8
6718TP Ede
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 512 43 354
Email: info@theyouth.org
RSIN: 855308217

Our Mission: To give children from all over the world “a voice” and promoting the voice of a child with all (social) media.

The board

The board of the foundation consists of two very experienced and dedicated people, who work completely on voluntary basis and therefore do not receive any financial compensation for their work. They do receive our gratitude and the gratitude of the children, which is priceless.

Chairman: Mr. G.J.C. Craanen (Email)

Board member : Mrs L. de Jonge

Financial report 2016

We have included the financial statement 2016 for your reference. You can download the document here. The statement has been compiled by our auditor Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs in Bennekom.

Our policy plan

For the next two years we have great plans. To describe these plans we have written an Policy Plan 2018-2019 including the financial needs and implications. We have requested the formal ANBI-status in the Netherlands (currently under review by the authorities) which allows donations with tax benefits for donors and us as receiver. The plan is in Dutch but on request available in English.