Children at the front of the Dutch landing scene


Children at the front of the Dutch landing scene

“I find it important that they ensure the Netherlands is a great country for everyone to live in.”

Adit (10) and Sofie (12) had the opportunity to stand in the front row as Child Correspondents during the presentation of the new cabinet. Naturally, they also asked a few questions to some ministers.

They were the only children and the first children ever to be present at a cabinet presentation. Incredibly proud that I can and am allowed to organize this. Together with our Youth News Foundation. It is so important to stand at the forefront with the youth, to ask questions, and to express opinions. Especially now. An unforgettable experience for these two heroes, and the ministers, state secretaries, the King, and everyone else saw that we are here and heard from us.

On to more wonderful things.

Thanks to the help, trust, and kindness of the Government Information Service, security guards, fellow journalists, communication advisors, and everyone else.